Come for 2 free sessions…

to get the feel of the group.  

After that pay as you go.  

Our choir is all about supporting each other and sharing the benefits of singing.

Singing in a Community Choir will bring song into your life every day, your head will be full of beautiful music.  That’s one way of improving your mood and another is the natural endorphins that get released when you sing and make you feel good.  Then there are the friends you will make and your increasing confidence.  

If you can talk you can sing!

Many people were told as children they can’t sing and have never tried since.  More often that not this is simply not true.  You can discover your voice.  Meg works within the principles of The Natural Voice Practitioners Network who advocate learning by ear, so you don’t need to read music. No one is ever made to sing alone.

"We love singing and practices are fun. We find that singing creates strong bonds between us and friendships that can last for many years”.