Enjoying Choir, what our members say

 1. Don't talk louder than Miss.

 2. When you forget the words smile a lot.

 3. When you sing loud don't get ugly

 4. When you sing soft don't nod off

 5. Don't keep looking at words

Boys new1

 6. Don't sing naughty words unless Miss does

 7. Don't be like a coiled spring - relax!

 8. Don’t lay down in inconvenient places.

 9. Keep teeth in.

10. Keep clothes on.

11. Attend regularly especially if you want to        perform.

12. Most importantly
 look at Miss all the time, she                    really likes that! 

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“Millie is our Registered Therapy dog who comes to all our events. She knows when you are upset and also when you want to be left alone"