Constitution and Protection Policy

1) Name 
Norwich Community Choir 
2) Objectives 
The objectives of the Choir shall be: 
a) To promote Norwich Community Choir within the city of Norwich 
b) To promote co-operation and mutual support between choir members 
c) To share and enrich wider community life through our singing 
d) To encourage and facilitate personal creativity through the shared experience of singing together 
3) Membership 
a) Membership of Norwich Community Choir shall be open to all that share and are interested in furthering the objectives of the Choir. 
b) The Social Committee and the Musical Director will hold the list of members. 
c) A copy of the constitution will be available on the website and by e-mail to members on joining.  
4) Officers and Committee 
a) Norwich Community Choir will be managed by the Musical Director with guidance from the Social Committee. 
b) The membership of the Social Committee shall be by invitation and will be as far as possible representing the general choir membership. 

5) Meetings and Proceedings of the Committee 
a) The Social Committee shall meet every four to six weeks. 
b) There shall be a quorum when at least 50% of the members of the Committee are present. 
c) All members of the choir are eligible to send representatives to ordinary Committee Meetings but will not be allowed to vote. 
d) Members will be informed of the dates, times and venues of meetings either through the minutes of the previous minutes (if a date has been fixed) or by email. 
e) Items for Committee agendas and A.O.B. must be submitted to the Chair or Musical Director, on or before the meeting. 
f) Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members of the Committee present and voting on the question, but in the case of equality of votes, the Musical Director shall have a second or casting vote. 
g) The Committee shall keep minutes of the proceedings at meetings of the committee and shall ensure that these are stored safely, and that they are available for inspection as required. Copies of minutes will be sent to member choirs via email. 
h) The Committee may from time to time make and alter rules for the conduct of their business, the summoning and conduct of their meetings, and the custody of documents. No rule may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution. 
i) The Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees, consisting of three or more members of the committee, for the purpose of making any enquiry or supervising or performing any function or duty which, in the opinion of the committee, would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a subcommittee: provided that all actions and proceedings of any such sub-committee shall be fully and promptly reported to the Committee. The sub-committee may co-opt one or two members of the Choir to join them. 
j) No activity shall be undertaken in the name of the Choir without prior agreement from the Committee. 

6) Finance 
a) A banking account has been opened in the name of the Norwich Community Choir and cheques may be signed by one of three nominated officers. 
b) The income and property of the Choir however derived shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Choir as set forth above. Funds shall be paid or transferred to any member of the choir in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Choir. 
c) Decisions involving extraordinary expenditure must be approved at committee meetings. Expenditure of a routine nature up to £20 may be incurred with the agreement of two officers without prior authorization by the full committee and a receipt for these should be presented to the treasurer. 
d) An inventory of items owned by the Choir should be kept by the treasurer. This inventory is to be presented for annual audit with the accounts. 
e) Any recompense for specific tasks carried out on behalf of the committee shall be agreed in advance by the committee. 
f) Neither the Committee as a whole, nor any member of the Committee, nor any ordinary member of the Choir shall have any power or authority to commit the Choir, nor its members, to any financial obligations in excess of the funds actually held by the Norwich Community Choir. 
7) Alterations to the Constitution 
Alterations to the constitution may occur as the life of the Choir evolves. 
The Choir may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by the Musical Director. Such a resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Choir, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, such property shall be given or transferred to a similar organization as determined by a majority vote at the Committee Meeting. 
This constitution was adopted by Norwich Community Choir at their meeting on 14th May 2015 and will be reviewed December 2016. 

Norwich Community Choir Protection Policy:

The welfare of everyone who attends our choir is of the utmost importance. 

Children and vulnerable adults may only attend our choir practices and/or performances following an appropriate risk assessment. They may only attend with their parents and/or carer who will be solely and completely responsible for their charge whilst at choir practice or any choir event.  However if any member of the choir see any actions or neglect which are harmful to a anyone’s well-being and welfare we all have a duty of care to report this to the relevant authority.  The named person for Protection / Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults at Norwich Community Choir is Meg Turpin (she is CRB checked).   However, all our committee members are aware of this policy and would report to Meg.  In her absence, please report to any committee member of any untoward behaviour.