Concert Review 2017

This is an adventurous and varied repertoire that any professional choir would be proud of.  There is the sensitive rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the beautiful, dramatic Slavonic High Church Blessing, the enthusiastic African songs and the humorous songs you can sing along to.  

Their entire repertoire is performed from memory. The freedom from the printed copies can be seen and heard in their focus, their communication with each other and their audience and in their spirited performance.  The listener experiences waves of emotion as the choir totally commit themselves to each song.

Their soloist is Kyanna Sutton. Singing with sincerity and feeling, with perfect intonation, she effortlessly lifts the music.  Her duet with Bob Taylor in “Love Changes Everything” is perfectly blended and demonstrates their skill in listening to each other and a musicianship of high quality.

Here is a choir who so obviously love singing and present a diverse programme to a very high standard.  

The most polished community choir I have ever heard.