Health and Safety Statement



Part One

Norwich Community Choir is by Meg Turpin.

This statement lays down the guidelines and standards which we will all adhere to, in order to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of us wherever we sing.

As this document is designed to be a useful tool for the choir, it will evolve and change as the choir evolves or changes.

This statement will also provide information and instructions necessary to ensure the health and safety of all members and where required, signpost members to other documents evolved to take their wellbeing into account. As Norwich Community Choir has less than five employees it does not have to have a written health and safety policy but has an obligation to abide by Health and Safety legislation such as The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Organiser’s responsibilities.

Meg Turpin is the organiser. She is mainly responsible for deciding if choir activities could affect members’ health or safety. If necessary, she will make these decisions based upon advice from The Health and Safety Executive or from risk assessments. Risk assessments may have been completed by her or by her representatives, or by other people such as event organisers, or building owners. If, after steps have been taken, she still feels that an event, or occurrence contains a risk or hazard which could affect someone under her duty of care, she will not allow the choir member(s) to participate.  

Meg Turpin also recognises that she may have duty of care towards others who are not in our choir. These people could include; visitors and audience members who have reason to come into contact with our activities. When necessary they will also be given suitable and sufficient information and instructions to ensure their health and safety is promoted and they will be expected to adhere to the choir’s own guidelines.


We are fully insured for public liability.  

Norwich Community Choir Members’ responsibilities.

Everyone who comes to sing at events or practices are deemed to be ‘member.’

All actions have risks and may contain hazards. Members of Norwich Community Choir have a duty to conduct ourselves in a safe manner and to ensure that our acts or omissions do not cause harm to ourselves or others including other choir members, visitors and audience members. Choir members will be encouraged to tell Meg Turpin of any concerns regarding any health and safety issues. Meg Turpin will never ask or expect us to complete an action that will put ourselves or others at unreasonable risk, or at danger from a known hazard.

When Norwich Community Choir sings at, or uses a space where existing plans or risk assessments exist, it is the responsibility of all of us to adhere to those instructions. These spaces may include practice venues, churches or other building or may include an open space such as a park, field or garden. To help us to adhere to any plan or assessment, Meg Turpin or her nominated person will signpost relevant information such as the fire escapes, assembly points, or the signing-in register.

After risks and hazards have been minimalised, members must think about what else we could sensibly do to keep ourselves and others reasonably safe i.e. should I stand this close to the edge of a stage? Where is my nearest fire exit if I leave the main choir?  Will someone trip over my bag or coat if I leave it here? Ultimately we all have some responsibility for our own safety and health.

Norwich Community Choir aims to encourage and facilitate personal creativity through the shared experience of singing together. A strong shared safety culture will enhance that experience and allow us to focus on what we do best…..Sing!


Reviewed January 2020, due again January 2021 or sooner if change is needed.


Part Two

This part of our statement is designed to give you some tips and ideas on how to stay safe and well. This section will also evolve if more issues become relevant. The headings are in no particular order for importance.

Manual Handling.

The choir is lucky to have so many volunteers to help set up for practises and for events. In the regulations for work, (which set the highest standard,) there is not a definition of ‘heavy’ because we are also expected to take into account things like how frequently we lift things, how low or high the object is, the floor surface, our grip, how near we are to the object and how many people might be available to lift the object. It is always sensible, for instance, to have more than one person lift an object like a table and it is always sensible to consider how we lift objects out of cars. If you are not sure, ask for help.

Working at Heights.

We all know that we shouldn’t stand on a box that we have put on a chair that we have put on a table to reach something. Did you know, however, that as a rule of thumb, if you need to reach something that you cannot touch after standing on tiptoes and stretching your arm above your head, then this may be too high for you to attempt to access? Please always consider your own physical safety because small falls can hurt you as much as big ones!

Tripping Hazards

Gathering the choir together often means gathering together lots of musical equipment, bags, coats and of course, chairs! These are just a few examples of things we could trip over if we are not careful. Meg Turpin will oversee the safety of musical equipment such as electrical leads and microphones but we must all have a mind to how we store our own personal items. Please do not leave coats and bags where others may walk. This is especially important if we have to leave a building quickly.


Fire Safety

Norwich Community Choir will always follow the fire or emergency escape procedure put in place at the venue we are using. As a general rule of thumb you must always exit a building using the nearest available fire exit. Leave immediately and sensibly. You will cause a risk to yourselves and others if you stop or return for your valuables. Never return to the building until directed to do so. Always sign in to a venue if required to do so and evacuate to the agreed place. Remember, you may have left the main choir to use other facilities so always look to see where you can safely exit a space that may be unfamiliar to you.

Vulnerable Persons.

Information on about The Norwich Community Choir Vulnerable Person Policy can be found on the website at:

Meg Turpin is the designated person to contact if you have any concerns about the safety of, or behaviour of choir members or those individuals having contact with the choir. Never hesitate to report your concern but remember to maintain a level of confidentiality when discussing matters to anyone other than Meg Turpin.

Serious Security Events

Norwich Community Choir sometimes has the opportunity to perform at occasions   of significant local or national interest. It is extremely unlikely that anyone in our choir will ever be involved in anything that could be considered a ‘terror’ event and there is absolutely no cause for alarm however if you wish to access the national advice it can be found at:

Briefly the advice is run, hide and tell. Always switch phones to ‘silent’ and turn off vibrate.

Illness and Sickness.

We all have minor ailments, coughs and colds at some time or another. Please remember that some people may be more vulnerable to our ailments because of their own specific health situations i.e. cancer treatments, pregnancy etc. At certain times Flu or other viruses will be a concern so please DO NOT come to practises or events if you have symptoms such as temperature, runny nose, sore throat or a cough.

If you need to sneeze or cough have a tissue to hand and then bin it and wash your hands.

If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on and do not have a tissue please get away from others.  If you use the crook of your elbow to catch it remember that some viruses are not neutralised immediately so you will need to wash with soap.

When you clear your throat to sing, do so with your mouth closed.

Do not share water bottles.

We all love to come together to sing but please remember that we only want to spread joy and happiness with our vocalising..

Internet Security

Norwich Community Choir has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They are informative and celebratory. Please remember to respect all other users if you post a comment or photograph. Some people may not wish to be identified or have their actions reported online. Norwich Community Choir will not tolerate any abusive, negative or bullying language or action towards anyone.

Keep safe!